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Volunteer Your Time

Even though there's still much we're going to do now, Innovative Health Foundation is gearing up for a banner year in 2015. We'll need donations--and the people to help raise funds--but we also need you, who have talents and skills to bring our services to the community. Just a few hours a month (more if you've got them) is invaluable and appreciated.

  • Public speaking: There are families in need who don't know that we are here to help. If you're a member of a school board or PTA, if you're a church elder or group member, if your employer has a program in place for community service, then you may have an opportunity to gather a group of people to whom you can speak about what IHF has to offer.
  • Networking: If you're one of those gifted people to whom others gravitate, you can spread the word, too, letting your friends and acquaintances know about IHF.
  • Social Media afficianados: Spend a lot of time on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Circles? You're in a prime position to communicate what IHF does, and retweet or share IHF Twitter and Facebook postings.


The fondest intentions and best wishes won't impact the desparate needs of children by themselves. Money is the life's blood of IHF. In addition to letting people know of IHF, of the children and families we assist, and the community our mission is to serve, public speaking, networking, and social media penetration must be complemented with straight-forward fundraising. If you have acted in this capacity, or feel you could  lead a team in the perennial pursuit of funds to help children, their families, and the society in which they will grow up, please contact us now. We are actively seeking a person to join our Board of Directors to chair the Fundraising Committee.

To learn more, contact Robin D. Ader, Executive Director, at or call 800-992-8977.

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